Warranty Information

We here at Wraps -n- Signs know that it may be difficult to purchase items that we can't see or feel prior to buying them. Since the wrap business is still a fairly new industry it is important that you know exactly materials are used to produce your purchase. We've seen and removed a lot of horror stories.

Materials Used: All of Wraps -n- Signs wrap materials are printed on high performance Avery or 3M (both industry leaders) CAST vinyl and laminates.  Beware of ads that do not mention what grade of vinyl they use or if they mention the use of calendared films. Calendared films are made for flat surfaces and very slight compound curves. Because of the process used to make them, calendared films WILL shrink over time, even start lifting from the surface. Cast films are made for very complex curves and when installed correctly will not shrink or pull away from the surface it's installed on. At Wraps -n- Signs we look at wraps as an investment in your vehicle. Do you want your investment to last and perform to the highest possible potential?

The Warranty: Because we use only the best materials, Wraps -n- Signs products are warrantied for 1 year against fading or delamination of the vinyl from the laminate.

Please Note: Wraps -n- Signs is not responsible for the installation of the products and in no way suggests or implies any warranty due to failure from improper installations. Please see the installation instructions located at the footer of this site.