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So You Just Wrapped Your Vehicle, Now What?

So you just got your vehicle wrapped, now what? You need to start thinking a little differently than you did before. Now that you are driving around in a rolling billboard you need to use this awesome tool in the most efficient way. Let's face it, advertising is a numbers game. It's all about how many looks you can get with the least amount of effort. If you had the ability to have a billboard and put it anywhere you want, anytime you want, wouldn't you agree that would be pretty effective advertising? Guess what, now you can you've got a wrap that shows your target market what makes you the best at what you do.
1. Park Strategically
You own a billboard. Let's face it, you want maximum exposure. When you aren't driving in high traffic, you should be parked in a highly visible area. Depending on your target market, you can choose where to park and when to park. Own a daycare? Why not park in the grocery store during high traffic hours? When Moms are picking up dinner, they will see your vehicle and pick up a business card (which should be available on the side of your vehicle).
What about parking at the mall parking lot during the busiest season of the year, Christmas. You can get there early and park your wrapped vehicle where everyone coming into the mall parking lot will see you front and center.
Are contractors your target market? Park your vehicle near the entrance of a busy home improvement supplier. Want to get even more specific, looking for plumbers? How about parking in the lot of their bussiest suppliers? Of course you'd want to check with them to make sure it is ok, in our experience they never have an objection to it.
Are you a Realtor? park in strategic locations of neighborhoods that you really want to get your name out in.
Do you rent inflatable bounce houses? Park at the entrance of a Toys r Us or Chucky Cheese, go to where the kids are.
Is your target market anyone with a pulse? Think, where is the best place I can advertise where all of the people are? Scope out these places for a week to see the demographics who go to the location, and when it is busiest. Map out these spots by days of the week. Obviously, you will need a second person to pick you up and drop you off which may feel inconvenient... however, how much business is your wrap generating being parked in your driveway, or hidden? The time invested for this research will pay off big time in the end.
Strategic parking is important, start thinking about every parking lot you go into to get the most exposure while you are inside. Always look for places to park up front near the entrance. You may have to walk a little further to get where you need to go, but hey, didn't you say you'd like to start getting more exersice anyway? Winner winner, chicken dinner! What about parking right up close to the road if the parking lot is next to a busy road, now everyone driving by can get a glance.
Think about it, no matter what your target market is there is a place for you to find them and for them to find you from your rolling billboard parked out front.
2. Product Sampling
After you scope out the locations above, and if your business is product based, why not do a product sampling out of the back of your vehicle. You will need to check on the rules and regulations to see if you will need a permit to do this, but this is the most effective way to get your name and product out there.
3. Events
Target events in your area that attract your target demographics. Get there early and park prominently. You can also use your vehicle as a centerpiece at trade shows in your booth. Nothing attracts attention like a giant 3D billboard of your brand right in the middle of your booth.
Looking for home owners? Set up your vehicle at any of the home shows parking lot, just make sure to park where you can get the most exposure.
Are you looking for weddings? Set your vehicle up at the entrance of a prominant wedding trade show. Whatever you are selling there is sure to be a trade show for it.
4. Social Media- Turn it into a marketing game.
Create a campaign that if your car is spotted, and they call to report the location, then they get something (entered into a drawing to win $500- $1,000, the higher the amount, the more sucessful and popular this will be ). Add this to your website, radio, TV, print, and social media campaigns to generate buzz and leverage your car as a promotional vehicle.
Make a game out of it. Create a social media game that if anyone on your Facebook Page takes 3 photos of your wrapped vehicle in 3 different locations and posts those on your page with descriptions, they win something (make it something good so it is worth their time), like a free service of some type or a gift certificate to somewhere really cool.
At any rate think outside of the box, the more fun you can make it the more possibilities can open up.
Our Philosophy
We believe that advertising is essential. It showcases your brand and gets your name out there. Just as good advertising is good for business, ineffective advertising is just that ineffective. It's no longer enough to have a great product or service. It has to be backed by positive messages, by saying the right things about your business. Many bussiness can no longer use Yellow Pages to direct growth and are finding new ways to advertise via social media, websites, good old fashioned word of mouth, and now vehicle wraps. It has been proven that vehicle wraps can get you more looks than any other form of advertising today. Use it as the tool that drives traffic to all those other forms of advertising.